CO₂-Insufflation für alle

Zufiedener, schmerzfreier Patient nach einer Darmspiegelung mit CO2, Gastroenterologie im Josephinum

CO2 endoscopy of the upper and lower GI-tract: now gentle by the use of CO₂-Insufflation

All endoscopic proceedures performed within our practice use the medical gas CO₂ (carbondioxide) instead of air.

CO₂ has the advantage of an approximately 150-time faster resorption rate from the intestines than air. This effect already begins during the examination as CO₂ that is administerd to distend the stomach or the colon for clear visibility. CO₂ is quickly and unnoticeably expelled through the lungs. This greatly alleviates the bloating and abdominal discomfort after a endoscopy, that up until now could occur with use of air.

There have been numerous medical studies examining the use of CO₂, and it has proven safe and effective. According to patient sastisfaction surveys the CO₂-colonoscopy is clearly superior to the conventional regular-air-colonoscopy.